Customize Photo Upload Modal

Updated on August 26, 2022


We are excited to share that you can now customize the Photo Upload Modal where customers upload their photos. Our goal is to provide more customization options so Socialphotos can fit your store's brand. With this new functionality, you can now set which fields are shown and which are required. For example, if the email field is not needed, you can remove it or you can make it a required field! For a demo where we customize photo upload, go check it out on our demo shop.

Available Now and Easy to Customize!


You can have many page galleries and each gallery has its own template that you can customize. However, for the product gallery, you only have one template. If you customize a product gallery, that customization gets applied to the galleries on all your products' page.

Some potential use cases are:

  • Setting email to be required. The input field will turn red, as shown above, if users leave it blank.
  • Changing the instructions, terms, and field names to be a different language. You can customize it to fit your target demographics
  • Adding additional instructions to the fields. You can indicate that email is required for follow up or that you will not be using it for spam
  • Adding more colorful language with emojis to fit your brand

Happy Customizing!

We are excited to see the creativity with these new customization features. We have additional documentation on customizing your gallery here.

Our support team is here to help you install and customize! Please email us at or use the chat functionality to get in touch.