What is Socialphotos?

Socialphotos helps to discover and integrate user-generated content into your e-commerce website. We develop a web solution to eliminate the pain points of managing user-generated content by making it easy to aggregate, store, organize and display content from social networks.

How does Socialphotos work?

1. Store owner creates a hashtag and places the Socialphotos widget on the webstore page.

2. On the store's website customers learn about tagging and use Instagram to tag product photos.

3. Store owner monitors and approves submitted photos to show up on the shop publicly.

How to choose a hashtag?

We suggest to use a unique hashtag. When people search for your unique hashtag, they'll find only relevant pictures to your shop and most likely won't see any irrelevant pictures.

Example: #AmericanApparel as a brand hashtag or #AAClassicCrewSweatshirt as a product related hashtag.

What is a gallery?

A gallery showcases all relevant Instagram content in one place. Insert a gallery on your website to showcase user-generated photos and increase brand credibility. Each gallery can be fully customized!

What is a product gallery?

The product gallery showcases relevant user-generated content for a particular product. It can only be placed on your webstore product pages.