About Socialphotos

Socialphotos helps you showcase beautiful galleries of you and your customer's photos, increasing product confidence and enhancing your brand. You can group customer photos into customizable product galleries and display them across your site.

How Does Socialphotos Work?

1. Designate a unique hashtag that identifies your brand.

2. Embed the socialphotos code onto your site.

3. Engage your customers to share their photos on Instagram using your unique hashtag or have them upload their photos directly.

4. Moderate which photos to show across your site.

Tutorial: Tracking Your First Hashtag and Displaying it

This tutorial guides you to start tracking a hashtag from Instagram, adds it to a gallery, and then displaying that gallery onto your site.

  1. Under Account, click on Settings then Instagram and enter your Instagram handle.
  2. Under Collect, click on Instagram Feeds
  3. Click on Add a new hashtag and enter the hashtag that you want to track.
  4. Click on any photo, under Add to Gallery, click on the checkbox next to Frontpage gallery. This will add this photo into the Frontpage gallery.
  5. Follow instructions on adding this gallery onto your site:
  6. Repeat the above steps to add more photos to the Frontpage gallery and to track more hashtags.

Choosing a Unique Hashtag

We strongly recommend that you choose a unique hashtag. When you use a unique hashtag, it makes it easier for you to search for relevant photos on Instagram.

For example, #AmericanApparel is a good hashtag for your overall brand and #AAClassicCrewSweatshirt is a good hashtag for your product line.

You can only have a maximum of 30 hashtags so you should group related products with the same hashtag. This is a limitation set by Instagram.

What is a gallery?

A gallery showcases all relevant Instagram content in one place. Insert a gallery on your website to showcase user-generated photos and increase brand credibility. Each gallery can be fully customized!

What is a product gallery?

The product gallery showcases relevant user-generated content for a particular product. It can only be placed on your webstore product pages.