Track Hashtags Basic Plan

Socialphotos provide the ability for you to track Instagram hashtags.


Hashtag photos do not contain usernames on them. This is a limitation set by Instagram as "Personally identifiable information will not be included". You can read that here. We strongly recommend that you to ask your customers to specifically tag you on their photos as that removes many limitations with tracking hashtags.

Another limitation is that we can only fetch media from the past 24 hours. This is another limit set by Instagram that Socialphotos have no control over. However, we do automatically fetch a limited amount of new hashtags every day for you. If you are expecting many photos from your hashtags, please email us at support@socialphotosapp.com.

Finally, we can only fetch a maximum of 30 hashtags for you. This is a limitation set by Facebook. It resets every 7 days, but we recommend that you do not track more than 30 hashtags.