Instagram Graph API


Connecting your Instagram with allow Socialphotos to get your tagged photos, your own posts, and track hashtags that are important for your business. We then notify you when your customers tag you so you can curate those photos to build your brand and engage your customers.

Socialphotos uses the latest Instagram Graph API version 7.0 which was released on May 2020.


To connect your Instagram account, Instagram requires that it is an Instagram Professional Account and that it is connected to a Facebook Page. You can follow these two instructions by Instagram to accomplish that.

Instagram Business Account : Set up business account

Facebook Page : Connect Facebook Page

Required Permissions

Socialphotos takes your privacy and security seriously. We asks for minimum permissions. Specifically, these are the permissions we require:

  • pages_show_list
  • instagram_basic
  • instagram_manage_comments
  • pages_read_engagement
  • public_profile

These are the minimum permissions required to get tagged photos from Instagram. You can read about it from Instagram's reference API. We do not post anything in your behalf.

Permissions & Functionalities

These are permissions and what it is needed for. To change the status, re-connect your Instagram and give us the required permissions.

Name Required For
pages_show_list Tagged Photos, Hashtags Search, Posts
instagram_basic Tagged Photos, Hashtags Search, Posts
instagram_manage_comments Tagged Photos
pages_read_engagement Tagged Photos
public_profile Posts