Tag Photos w/ Products


After you collect customer photos from Instagram or directly from your site, the next step is to curate these photos into galleries. For example, when you click on a photo, you will be taken to the curation page. From this page, you can

  1. Add and remove photos from galleries
  2. Tag products to these photos
  3. See a list of already tagged products

Tag Photo with Products Advance Plan

Similar to adding or removing a photo from a gallery, you can tag photos with products. These photos will then show up on that product's page.

You can tag and untag as many products as needed. We also provide a search functionality so you can search for a specific product.

We periodically sync the products list with your e-commerce platform (Ex: Shopify). If you just add a new products and need to sync the latest product, you can do so manually from the products page.

Example Product Gallery Advance Plan

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