Tag Photos w/ Products


After you collect customer photos from Instagram and customer uploads, you then tag the photo to have that photo displayed on that product's page. If that photo is also in a page gallery, tagging a product turns that photo Shoppable.

Tag Photo with Products Advance Plan

The curate photo page is where you tag them with products.

example of tagging photos with products
  • On the page, ensure that Tag Product is highlighted.
  • Use the search bar and look for a product related to the photo.
  • Click on the tag with the plus sign.
  • Click on the thrash can icon to untag the photo from that product.

Example: Product Gallery Advance Plan

When you tag a product with a photo, that photo will appear on that product's page.

Example of product gallery

Example: Shoppable Gallery Advance Plan

If the photo is already added to a page gallery, tagging a product will make that photo Shoppable.

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