Instagram and UGC On Your Shopify Store

Integrate Instagram and Customer Uploads into beautiful and customizable galleries on your website.

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Page Gallery

Easily embed the Socialphotos widget on any page of your website - including the homepage, etc.

Product Gallery

Easily embed the Product Gallery on your product pages and showcase customers using your products.

Shoppable Gallery

Use the Shoppable Gallery to increase conversions and allow visitors to easily shop the looks they see on your website.

Instagram Integration

Easily curate user-generated content from Instagram - including posts, tags, @mentions, #hashtags, URLs, and videos.

Customer Uploads

Allow customers to easily upload their photos directly from your website.

Bulk Uploads

Easily upload and migrate your own customer photos.

Instagram Feed

Gallery that automatically syncs with your Instagram posts.

SEO Optimized

WebP Image format to pass Google Lighthouse Web Inspection.

Responsive & Customizable Gallery

Responsive on all screen sizes and customizable to match your brand.

Simple Pricing

14 days free trial. Cancel or switch at any time.

Free Plan

$0 / Month

  • Instagram Feed
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Basic Plan

$19 / Month

  • Instagram Feed
  • Instagram Integration
  • Page Gallery
  • Customer Uploads
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Advance Plan

$35 / Month

  • All of basic plan
  • Product Gallery
  • Shoppable Gallery
  • Instagram Links
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Premium Plan

$55 / Month

  • All of advance plan
  • Videos
  • Hashtag Gallery
  • No Socialphotos Branding
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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this easy to install?

Yes! Socialphotos work on both Vintage and 2.0 Theme. It also works with Pagebuilders such as Shogun and Pagefly.


Will this slow down my site?

No. Socialphotos loads asynchronous in the background without affecting your site.


How do I cancel?

Super easy. Simply uninstall Socialphotos and the subscription with automatically cancel itself.


How do customers submit their photos?

Your customers can upload directly on your website and they can also tag, @mention, or use hashtags on Instagram.


Does it work with emojis and other languages?

Yes, Socialphotos work with emojis and other languages.


What plan should I get?

During your 14 day free trial, we recommend that you try the premium plan so you can experience all the benefits.


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"Love this app! Easy to use and creates great social proof for our products. Would highly recommend to increase your store conversion rate."

- Salty Sadie

"This app makes it easy for potential customers to see others wearing or using the product and invites them to interact on instagram to be featured! The support staff is super helpful and friendly. Highly recommend this app if you want to take your store to the next level."

- Kacey Musgraves

"Easy to use, works perfectly and customer support went above and beyond to make some customizations for us."

- Angel Curves

"really good app and easy to install. photos look good on my product pages and help with conversions. support is exceptional if you need any help or assistance. thanks team."

- Jim and Tonic Distillery

"The app is very simple to setup and use. Great way to generate more interest in products and website. Max from support team has been more than helpful and knowledgeable. Very professional. Great app overall. Would highly recommend."

- Live it Up Outfitters LLC

"Simple and efficient. Focused on Instagram and direct user web uploads. Excellent reactive customer service. The App did not impact our page load and works well also on mobile. A real positive addition to our site experience."


Instagram and UGC On Your Shopify Store

14 days free trial

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