Getting Started on Socialphotos


Getting started on Socialphotos is easy. You can follow the steps outlined here. When you install Socialphotos on your Shopify online store, there is a step by step guide inside the app that is tailored specifically for you. The steps to get started are:

  1. Install Socialphotos from the Shopify App Store.
  2. Connect your instagram.
  3. Embed the Instagram Feed Gallery on your online store.
  4. Embed the UGC Page Gallery on your online store.
  5. Embed the UGC Product Gallery on your product page.
  6. Add photos to your galleries.

Install Socialphotos from the shopify app store

Install Socialphotos from the Shopify App Store. Socialphotos is exclusively built for Shopify to ensure that all the features work seamlessly. After installing Socialphotos, you must select a plan to continue. You get 14 days of free trial so we recommend that you select the PREMIUM plan when starting. Hey, its' free :) You can easily switch or cancel your subscription plan by going to Settings → Your Plan.

Once Socialphotos is installed, we will sync your Shopfiy store products for easy product tagging. We will also sync with your orders so we can track how your UGC galleries are improving your sales.

Connect your Instagram

For Socialphotos to connect with your Instagram account, these 2 criteria must be met:

  1. Your Instagram account is set to a Business or Creator account.
  2. Your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook Page.
You can read more about it in our Instagram Guide.

Connect your Instagram to add content from your posts, tags, reels, videos, mentions, and hashtags into your UGC galleries. The step by step guide will prompt you to connect your Instagram. We strongly recommend that you connect now as the rest of the guide assumes your Instagram is connected. If you skip it, you can always connect your Instagram from Settings → Instagram.

Embed Instagram Feed on your online store

Instagram Feed Gallery is a gallery that automatically syncs with your Instagram posts. You can embed the Instagram Feed anywhere on your online store.

  1. Go to your Shopify Admin Themes page
  2. Click on Customize to start the Theme Editor
  3. store-2.0-customize
  4. Scroll down until you see the Add Section and click on it
  5. store-2.0-add-section
  6. Click on the Apps tab.
  7. Click on Instagram Post Gallery
  8. setup-guides-add-posts_2x
  9. Click Save
  10. Check it on your website.
  1. Go to your Shopify Admin Themes Page.
  2. Click on Actions and Edit Code
  3. In the Templates section, click on index.liquid
  4. Copy the following code:
    <div class="socialphotos-com-gallery" data-uid="" data-gallery-type="instagram-post-gallery"></div>
  5. Paste the code at the bottom of the index.liquid page.
  6. vintage-code-instagram-post-gallery_2x
  7. Click Save
  8. Check it on your website.

If you don't see your Instagram Feed, contact us for help.

The UGC Page Gallery can be embedded anywhere on your Shopify store: homepage, product pages, blogs, etc. You pick and choose the right UGC and add it to that gallery. Each page can have their own unique gallery with user contents that is tailored specifically for that page.

Adding user content to a UGC Page Gallery is really quick and easy. Click "Add To Gallery" and select the gallery that you want it in. Voila!

The UGC Product Gallery is embedded on your product's page. Tag user content with your products to feature them on your product pages as authentic fans. Research shows that customers are more likely to purchase an item with strong social proof.

Adding user content to a UGC Product Gallery is also quick and easy. Click on "Tag Product", search for the product, and click on it. Voila!

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