Frequently Asked Questions

Does Socialphotos work with non English language?

Yes. Socialphotos works with other languages such as Japanese for your tagged photos, your posts, and your hashtags. However, there may be some interface where it will remain in English.

Why am I not getting reminder emails?

Email providers such as Gmail may mark some messages as Spam. Please check your Spam folder. If you believe there is an error, email us at and we will assist you.

How do I sync my products so I can tag them?

We automatically sync your products with your e-commerce platform weekly, but you can also sync it manually if needed. To sync manually, go to your Galleries --> Products page and click Sync. We will email you when the syncing is done. Most syncing is done in less than one minute.

Why is my Socialphotos gallery not updating when I add more photos on Instagram?

Photos that you post on Instagram do not automatically show up on the Socialphotos gallery that you have installed on your website. You need to manually add photos to galleries.

We do this because many of our users only want to present specific photos in the gallery instead of everything that they are displaying on Instagram. For example, you may have photos of events on Instagram, but on your website, you only want to show photos that are product related. Also, many customers install the Socialphotos gallery on different pages and they create many galleries for each page. For example, you can have a Socialphotos gallery on your front page, and another gallery for your blogs, and even another gallery for a customer page where you show your loyal customers with your product.

How do I uninstall Socialphotos?

You can simply reverse the steps you take when you install Socialphotos. For example, if you use Shopify, you would go to your index.liquid or product.liquid file and remove the Socialphotos code.

Please let us know via when you uninstall so we can ensure that you will not be billed.

Why does Socialphotos stopped working when I update the theme on my website?

Sometimes when you update your themes, it removes the Socialphotos code that is needed for it to function properly. Please follow the instructions to install Socialphotos to ensure that Socialphotos remained installed.

Why does Socialphotos stopped working when I install 3rd party apps?

3rd party apps can interfere with how your website works. One way to check is to look at the console and see if there are any errors.

  • For Chrome, right click and then click on Inspect, then click on Console.
  • For Firefox, right click and then click on Inspect Element, then click on Console.
  • For Safari, click on Safari --> Preferences, click on Advanced, and check the box Show Develop menu in menu bar. Then, right click on the page and click on Inspect Element and then click on Console.
  • For IE Edge, click F12 and then click Console.
Step 1. Ensure that Socialphotos is installed correctly

Look for this message in the console:
Socialphotos App JS SDK | v.1580400174 ...
If that message missing, it means that Socialphotos was not installed properly. Follow the guides on the left to install it. If the message is there, go forward to Step 2.

Step 2. Look for red errors that may intefere with your website

There may be lots of errors and it's difficult to identify the right ones.

These are issues:
  • Uncaught TypeError: ... null ...
    This issue looks like there is a javascript error that is causing an issue for the whole page. Figure out whose file this is and contact the responsible party for the error. In the meantime, you can try uninstalling that third party script/app and test if Socialphotos work.
These are fine:
  • Failed to load resource: ...
    This is due to how people add, remove, and update images on Instagram.