Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my subscription?

Super easy. Because we use Shopify's billing, when you uninstall Socialphotos, your subscription is also automatically cancelled. Follow these steps to uninstall Socialphotos.

  1. From your Shopify admin page, click on Apps
  2. support-admin-apps
  3. Find Socialphotos and click on Delete
  4. support-remove-socialphotos

Does Socialphotos with other apps?

Yes! Socialphotos works with most apps. Some apps have very specific instructions, please get in touch and we will help you.

Why is my Instagram disconnected?

Instagram account can get disconnected for various reasons. Some of the reasons are password changed, suspicious activity, inactivity, etc. This is controlled by Instagram and is out of our control.

To fix, go to Settings → Instagram and reconnect.

We do a daily check on your Instagram connection, if there are any issues, we will email you. Please ensure that your email is valid and updated. To update your email, go to Settings → Profile.

Why am I not seeing any of my @mentions on Instagram?

Instagram does NOT allow any applications to fetch existing @mentions, only new ones. In other words, we can only fetch your @mentions in captions and comments starting from when you connect.

Does Socialphotos work with foreign languages?

Yes! Socialphotos works with other languages such as Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

Does Socialphotos work with emojis?

Yes! Socialphotos works with emojis. We use emojis, 📷 ✨, in our demo store.

Why are some of my products missing when I try to tag them?

We sync your products with Shopify once a week. Sometimes if you add a new item and try to tag it immediately, it's not in the Socialphotos system yet.

To fix this, you can sync manually. Go to Galleries → Products page and click Sync. We will email you when the syncing is done. Most syncing takes less than a minute unless you have a lot of products.

Why am I not getting my test reminder emails?

Email providers such as Gmail may mark some messages as Spam. Please check your Spam folder. If you believe there is an error, email us at and we will assist you.

Is Socialphotos available for Magento or Bigcommerce?

No. Unfortunately, Socialphotos is only available in Shopify right now.