Frequently Asked Questions

How do I uninstall Socialphotos?

You can follow these steps to uninstall Socialphotos:

  1. From your Shopify admin page, click on Apps
  2. Shopify Admin App
  3. Find Socialphotos and click on Delete
  4. Delete Socialphotos

Our billing uses Shopify Payments so we will automatically stop charging.

Optional: Remove the HTML code that you use to install. For example, go to your index.liquid or product.liquid template and remove the Socialphotos code. Having it there will not affect your store, but it is good practice to clean things up.

Does Socialphotos work with 3rd party apps?

Yes! Socialphotos works with all 3rd party apps. If you use 3rd party apps such as Pagefly to load your pages, special instructions may be needed. Please get in touch with us and we will help you with installation and customization.

Here are the known ones:

Why is my Instagram not updating?

Instagram account can get disconnected for various reasons. Some of the reasons are password changed, suspicious activity, inactivity, etc. This is controlled by Instagram and is out of our control.

Fixing it is easy. Go to your Instagram Settings and reconnect. When you reconnect your Instagram, we do a full sync with your Instagram. This usually fixes all issues.

Why am I not seeing any of my @mentions on Instagram?

When you first connect your Instagram, this is the expected behavior. Instagram does NOT allow applications to fetch existing mentions, only new ones. We wrote more information on Instagram mentions here.

Once your Instagram is connected, you should see new photos in your mentioned photos whenever someone @mentions you on captions or comments.

Does Socialphotos work with foreign languages?

Yes! Socialphotos works with other languages such as Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

Does Socialphotos work with emojis?

Yes! Socialphotos works with emojis. We use emojis, 📷 ✨, in our demo store.

How do I sync my products so I can tag them?

We automatically sync your products with your Shopify weekly, but you can also sync it manually if needed. To sync manually, go to your Galleries --> Products page and click Sync. We will email you when the syncing is done. Most syncing is done in less than one minute.

Why am I not getting reminder emails?

Email providers such as Gmail may mark some messages as Spam. Please check your Spam folder. If you believe there is an error, email us at and we will assist you.

Is Socialphotos available for Magento?

No. Unfortunately, Socialphotos is only available in Shopify right now.