About Socialphotos

In the beginning

Socialphotos was founded in 2014 to help merchants curate user-generated content (UGC) from Instagram & Customer Uploads, and display them as Shoppable galleries.

Our mission is to make a great product at a great value that is easy to use for non-technical users. Our user interface is simple, and no-code is needed to install and customize your galleries. Finally, we are still here from 2014 because of e-commerce merchants and we thank you.

You can check out our reviews, and try Socialphotos for 14 days.


Export Customer Uploads

Sep 2023

You can now export your Customer Uploads username and email as a CSV.

Quick Add To Gallery & Tag Product

July 2023

Update the interface so you can quickly add user content to gallery and tag a product.

Instagram Hashtag Gallery

March 2023

Automatic Instagram Hashtag Gallery that syncs with #yourbrand.

Instagram Feed

Feb 2023

Automatic Instagram Feed Gallery that syncs with your Instagram posts.

New Dashboard

Dec 2022

New Dashboard with analytics and curation.


Oct, 2022

Update media formats to Google Lighthouse WebP to improve loading times. ⚡⚡⚡

Instagram Videos

Aug 2022

Show potential customers Instagram videos of users using your product.

Placeholder Photos

May, 2022

Use placeholder customer photos on Product Gallery until enough products are tagged.

Photo Uploads Fully Customizable

Feb, 2022

Photo Uploads instructions, fields, labels, and language can be customized!

Shopify Online Store 2.0 Launched

Oct, 2021

Socialphotos now works with both Vintage and Online Store 2.0 themes.

Re-designed Photo Upload

May, 2021

New Direct Photo Uploads is launched with more customizable and beautiful forms.

Instagram Mentions Launched!

Feb, 2021

Mentioned photos from captions and comments are now integrated.

Deep Analytics

Oct, 2020

Analytics is re-launched with a focus for merchants to optimize for sales and conversion.

Redesign Completed!

July, 2020

Socialphotos underwent a major redesign so users can curate customer photos in a more efficient way.

Instagram Graph API

May, 2020

Socialphotos added the latest Instagram Graph API so we can provide deeper integration.


Continued growth!

August, 2019

We have over 9 millions submissions, 3 million products, and 5 thousand galleries.


Launched in Shopify App Store

March 2014

Socialphotos launched in the Shopify App Store with an immediate focus on e-commerce

Socialphotos launched

February, 2014

Socialphotos is launched and got our first customer!