About Socialphotos

In the beginning

Socialphotos was founded in February 2014 with a mission to help ecommerce businesses build and grow your brand. We do this by creating a platform for you to showcase customer photos as social proof. We integrate with Instagram and also provide the ability for your customers to upload directly on your store site. You then curate these photos into galleries and display them on your front page, product pages, and blogs. We have served thousands of satisfied customers since 2014 and plan to continue for a long time.

Deep Analytics

Oct, 2020

Deep analytics is launched so we can provide customers with conversion and engagement metrics such as sales with product clicks and more.

Redesign Completed!

July, 2020

Socialphotos underwent a major redesign so users can curate customer photos in a more efficient way.

Instagram Graph API

May, 2020

Socialphotos added the latest Instagram Graph API so we can provide deeper integration.


Continued growth!

August, 2019

We have over 9 millions submissions, 3 million products, and 5 thousand galleries.


Launched in Shopify App Store

March 2014

Socialphotos launched in the Shopify App Store with an immediate focus on e-commerce

Socialphotos launched

February, 2014

Socialphotos is launched and got our first customer!