About Socialphotos

In the beginning

Socialphotos was founded in February 2014 with a mission to help e-commerce businesses grow. We help you create social proof by curating photos from Instagram + direct uploads, and display them as galleries on your store. We provide deep integration with Instagram so you can curate from your posts, tagged + mentioned photos, and hashtags. In addition, customers can also upload photos directly on your store. Our galleries are customizable and you can place them anywhere on your site: homepage, products, customer, about us, blogs, etc. Shoppable galleries and analytics further helps you optimize for sales and conversions.

Deep Analytics

Oct, 2020

Analytics is re-launched with a focus for merchants to optimize for sales and conversion.

Redesign Completed!

July, 2020

Socialphotos underwent a major redesign so users can curate customer photos in a more efficient way.

Instagram Graph API

May, 2020

Socialphotos added the latest Instagram Graph API so we can provide deeper integration.


Continued growth!

August, 2019

We have over 9 millions submissions, 3 million products, and 5 thousand galleries.


Launched in Shopify App Store

March 2014

Socialphotos launched in the Shopify App Store with an immediate focus on e-commerce

Socialphotos launched

February, 2014

Socialphotos is launched and got our first customer!