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How do I create a customer photos page?

A Customer Photos page is a great way to engage your customers, build your brand, and increase conversion and sales. For example, a customer photo's page may look like this:

example of customer photos

To accomplish this for your store, there are only 2 steps

  1. Create a page in Shopify for Customer Photos.
    You can follow Shopify's instructions here.
  2. Add in one single line of code for the gallery that you want.
    When you are creating the page, there is a "<>" button to show the HTML code. You want to copy and paste the gallery code on the bottom of the page. It looks like this: creating a page
  3. Replace the highlighted area with your own gallery code and you are good to go.

Voila! You now have a page dedicated to Customer Photos!

Pro tip: You can follow the same steps to create a page dedicated for sweepstakes, contests, and blogs.

Need Help?

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