How it Works


Socialphotos helps you curate user-generated content (UGC) from Instagram & Customer Uploads, and display them as Social Proof. This is how it works:

  1. Install Socialphotos from the Shopify App Store.
  2. Add the Socialphotos widget into your website.
  3. Curate customer photos & videos to display the content.

We provide all the tooling you need:

You can check out our demo Shopify store to see Socialphotos in action.

Curate From Instagram

When you connect your Instagram, You can add photos from your Instagram posts, tags, @mentions, and #hashtags. We sync every hour and we send you an email when there are new content to curate. Connecting your Instagram only takes a few seconds. You can learn more about our Instagram integration here.

Hashtags Page


Curate From Customer Uploads

When you embed Socialphotos Gallery into your website, it comes with a photo upload functionality.

A Page Gallery


When your visitors click the "Upload" button, a modal appears and users can upload their photos.

Default Upload Form


You then curate these photos by adding them into different galleries. All of our galleries are responsive and works on different screen sizes.

Curate From Bulk Uploads

You can upload customer photos on our Bulk Uploads page. You can use the Bulk Uploads to migrate customer photos or when customers email you their photos directly.

Bulk Uploads Add Photos Page


Curate Photos

Curating customer photos and videos is fast and easy. Each photo/video have a Quick Add/Tag that allows you to add or tag photos in a few seconds.

Simply search for a Page Gallery and click on it to add a photo to that Gallery. Similarly, search for a product and click on the product to tag that product and have it appear on the Product Gallery.




Lastly, our analytics integrate with your orders so you can see how Socialphotos improves your conversion and engagements. You can learn more about our analytics here.